Heavy Duty Queue Stands

Silver Retractable Stanchion

Queue pole also known as crowd control barrier.usually acts as queue management in banks, airports, hotels, exhibitions and public places

Black Retractable Stanchions

✔️ Add a professional touch with the crowd control stanchion queue with retractable belt
✔️ Each stanchion is approximately 3 feet tall and weighted base to withstand accidents and moderate wind without falling over
✔️ The stanchions screw together in minutes. Each set includes 2 stanchions with retractable belts
✔Great for crowd control at retail stores, sporting arenas, airports, banks, security lines, registrations, restaurants, hotels, concert venues, trade shows, and conventions.

Retractable Queue Poles

✔️ 3-ft. Control Stanchions
✔️ Retractable 6.25 ft. Belt
✔️ Perfect for Events & Parties

Heavy Duty Retractable Queue Poles

Stanchion Display Stands

These Sign Frames are a great addition to your grand openings, ribbon cuttings, theaters, and much more.